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All our products are designed and made entirely in Italy.

StoneLab Design comes from almost 50 years of experience in the natural stone sector of the Martelli Marmi and Marmoforniture company from Bologna. The Company expand the marble working activity to lighting, furnishing and accessories. The know-how accumulated over the years with their collaborators, the use of technology, but most of all the skilled craftsmanship allow us to create any tailor-made work and to intensify the characteristics of materials that are always different and unique. Utmost care is put into every phase of the work, from the choice of materials to the realisation of the finished product. StoneLab Design moulds the raw material starting from the projects of their designers Stefano Pasotti and Dario Martinelli and creates exclusive products which will remain unchanged in time, yet always be contemporary.

Having the right lighting is of the utmost importance for well-being and comfort. StoneLab Design will help you create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. The clean and elegant markings place this lamp outside of time, freeing it of the constraints of current trends and making it constantly contemporary. Aleph is a line of two table lamps, designed by Dario Martinelli. The double value of the stone is the starting point for this project: on one hand there is the marble of the lamp, whose monolithic form emphasises the hardness of the stone; on the other hand there is a hint of onyx, whose extreme thinness allows the light to filter through, demonstrating its translucency, the most unusual and less known characteristic of the stone.

There are small details which make all the difference. Objects which make everyday life extraordinary. What better way to enhance your unique style? StoneLab Design proposes furnishings for the house, shops and the office. "The furnishings of our house become the theatre props of our private life, the scene where every room allows change, attitude and situational dynamics: it is the stage house." (Alessandro Mendini)

Cooking, adding taste, prepararing, conserving. In the kitchen everything becomes pure joy. Thanks to the StoneLab Design projects you can unleash your full creative potential, bringing originality and elegance to every moment of the day. With the right accessories and utensils, cooking will be a lot easier. StoneLab Design comes into your kitchen and onto your table to enhance your enjoyment "In the kitchen what is really good is pure beauty." (Gualtiero Marchesi)

All our products can be customized by means of new engraving and painting techniques. Visit the examples of customizations made, give a unique object is priceless, but in this case it is also more affordable than you think.